Wrap yourself in a luxury bathrobe / dressing gown

To wrap yourself in a fine and lovely bathrobe creates a real sense of luxury. Whether you prefer a thick bathrobe or a light and cool dressing gown, we have different models to suit all your needs, for both men and women. Fine details, different colors and exclusive patterns allows you to easily find your favorite robe - for yourself or as a gift to someone you like.

Each material has a unique feel
Choose material for the feeling you want. A thick and lovely bathrobe in cotton terry feels luxurious and warm in the early morning, prolonging the feeling after the shower and enhances the cosiness in the evening. A dressing gown in the finest linen feels light and cool against the skin, takes up little space when you're on the road and gets more comfortable the more you use it.

Robes of the highest quality
No matter what model or what material you prefer your quality bathrobe from Pellevävare will last for a long long time. We have a long tradition of textile expertise, but it is as much about being inspired by new trends and looking forward. We are very keen to nurture our heritage and never compromise our quality.

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