Men's Robes & Bathrobes

Wrap yourself in a really comfortable bathrobe and experience the feeling of luxury. Here you will find exclusive dressing gowns and bathrobes for men. Choose from a variety of materials, patterns and colors. Pellevävare has a long tradition in textile expertise, but it is as much about being inspired by new trends and looking forward. We nurture our heritage and never compromise with quality.     Read more

Elegant dressing gowns and bathrobes for men

Experience the feeling of luxury that happens when you wrap yourself in a soft elegant dressing gown. Whether you prefer a bathrobe / dressing gown in terry cloth or a thinner and cooler version, we have several different models for men to choose from. Our lovely robes in cotton toweling can be found in classic models with large collar and a belt. Single color, striped or patterned - the choice is yours. Do you want a lighter robe have an extra look at our robes in linen. A linen robe is thinner, cooler to the skin and takes up less space when travelling. Fine details, different colors and exclusive patterns makes it easy for you to find your favorite robe - for yourself or as a gift to someone you like..

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